By Dawn M. Williams | March 10, 2022

Regardless of age, we all are continuously learning.  Technology is ever evolving.  Even for millennials, it can be somewhat challenging to learn different interfaces. We saw in the middle of the pandemic how difficult it was for some elderly to receive vaccinations due to the sign up process being exclusively online in some states.  This can leave elderly citizens in a less than dignified position.  Something as simple as catching a cab can prove challenging as ride sharing services have taken over the industry that used to be dominated by private cabs

However challenging technology has become, it has benefits. For example, elderly people can get groceries delivered for less than $10.  Everything from laundry, carryout foods, shipping etc, is now available at the tap of a finger on a smartphone. I completely understand the hesitancy of some worried about scam artists taking their credit card information with the aforementioned methods of services.  An hour lesson of prepaid reloadable cards can solve that.  Or perhaps a month-long lesson regarding the safety precautions of using rideshare apps would be helpful

I periodically hold classes for clients of the salon.  Please don't hesitate to call to set up a personal class.  My teenage son & I would love to help you! (301)679-0778

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